Real Estate

Contracts of Purchase, Building Developer Contracts, Transfers, Mortgages, Residential Property Division more


Companies, sole proprietorship and more


Matrimonial Contracts, Divorce Succession Agreements more


Inheritance Contracts, Testaments, Applications for Certificates of Inheritances, Renouncements of Inheritance more

Powers of Attorney

General and Preventative Powers of Attorney and more


Formation, Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, Changes to the Management Board and more

Notarial Services: from Real Estate Law to Corporate Law

On the following pages, we will give you a brief overview of the most common notarial legal transactions in the various areas, so that you may gain an overview of the significance of them and the configuration options available.

To prepare for the meeting, we have created checklists for each of the legal transaction areas, which contain the frequently asked questions and the documents required for the appointment with the notary.

For each of the individual transactions, we will present you with the rule of thumb rates for the notary fees incurred. Although we will make you aware of the possible tax implications, the responsibility for the tax assessment and calculation is left to the tax advisors.

In no way do the following pages replace the personal consultation with our notaries or our expert staff and – and in the case of legal transactions requiring notarization – the discussions, if possible with the presence of all parties involved, before the notary.