Welcome to the notary offices of Dr. Wolfgang Ott LL.M. and Dr. Dr. Stephan Philipp Forst in Munich

Dr. Dr. Forst & Dr. Ott
Welcome to our homepage. We are happy that you have found your way to us.

The selection of a notary is a matter of trust. The following pages will provide you with an introduction into our work and our areas of expertise. In addition, you will be provided with a wealth of information that will make working with us easier for you.

As notaries with many years of professional experience, we are able to comprehensively accompany and advise you in all notarial legal transactions. A personal and bespoke consultation, which is tailored to your particular needs, cannot be replaced by the information on our homepage. For this reason, please make an appointment with us or with one of our expert staff.

We are looking forward to working together with you!

Your notaries, Wolfgang Ott und Stephan Ph. Forst